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‘The Priory’ by A.D. Meagher - Podcast #2 - Chapter 1: ‘Sweat’

March 17, 2021

Chapter 1: Sweat – Priory of Alanor, Green Finger Point

Hi, it’s Charles here, ready to share Chapter 1 of ‘The Priory’ by A.D. Meagher. In the 1st podcast you heard 3 threads that intertwine within the chapters that follow, eventually culminating in the crescendo that is The Priory. In podcast #2 you will not only meet the central character, an Aspirant by the name of Nolson and his good friend Josua, but also some of the occasional undesirable characters, as you get to better understand the goings on within ‘The Priory of Alanor’!

To provide the Author with feedback or to find out what happens over the next 500 pages, please contact Ant direct at anthony@fauvemc.com who will, if requested, mail you your very own signed copy of ‘The Priory’, for the very affordable price of $29.95 plus postage.

I can assure you that Nolson, Josua and the many characters you’ll meet along the way, will keep you enthralled with what happens next! They certainly did with me! ENJOY!


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