‘The Glass Half Full Community - GHFC’

The GHFC Podcast #12: Launching the NEWT (’Need to Eradicate Workplace Toxicity’) Petition.

May 5, 2021

In this podcast I would like to share with you developments in the call from ‘The GHFC’ to eradicate toxicity from the workplace, including the raising of the ‘NEWT’ (The 'Need to Eradicate Workplace Toxicity') petition.

'The media is overflowing with revelations of workplace toxicity, be it bullying, intimidation, harassment or discrimination, with stories from the executive level to white collar, blue collar even on the shop floor, across all sectors!'

'Workplace bullies are people who belittle, humiliate and threaten their colleagues and co‐workers'.

'Organisational cultures exacerbate the problem when leaders either do not understand workplace bullying or dismiss it as tough management.'

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