‘The Glass Half Full Community - GHFC’

Introducing ‘The Priory’ by A.D. Meagher

March 16, 2021

‘Welcome’ to your introduction to a medieval fantasy series created by A.D. Meagher. In essence an entrée into the macabre and mysterious goings-on in, among and below the Priory of Alanor. My name is Charles Hill, your podcast narrator, and along the way I will introduce you to a selection of colourful characters and even more colourful events. 'The Priory' is the first book in A.D. Meagher's 'The Skulls Saga'. To assist you in visualising the geography and the setting relating to 'The Priory', illustrations can be viewed by clicking on the left-hand ‘Pages’ sidebar links on this webpage, including a comprehensive 'Glossary of Terms'.

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