‘The Glass Half Full Community - GHFC’

The GHFC (Glass Half Full Community)

March 12, 2021



The GHFC was founded by Charles Hill on July 1st 2017 as a not for profit initiative, dedicated to support the raising of awareness and reducing the stigma associated with mental health wellbeing, within both the corporate and personal environments. Charles is also the 'Editor at Large', providing all commentary as researched on line and provided by GHFC Ambassadors.

'The GHFC' communicates via an 'Editor's Blog' encouraging the sharing of courageous stories associated with mental health wellbeing (MHWB), supported with proven mechanisms to suppress anxiety triggers. 'The GHFC' is all about 'starting conversations'.

Even if just one comment in our our 'Editor's Blog' or as part of a discussion topic, can help to raise awareness and reduce stigma, then it will be an enormous victory. 

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